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Wardel Chemicals Limited was established in 1988 and continue our trade in the international marketing and distribution of veterinary products, disinfectants, chemicals and allied products. Traditional markets are the Middle East and Africa.


Manufactured products are supplied under our registered 'AKATON' brand name.

To supplement our product range, Wardel Chemicals operates an in-house logistics department responsible for the movement of goods by road, sea or air to CIF/CFR/CPT/CIP destinations.


Customers enjoy the benefits of our documentation and transportation function which we consider an integral part of our service. Consolidations of multi-origin and multi-component orders frequently contribute to significant cost savings for customers.



To ensure that we're compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we've updated our privacy policy. If you have any concerns, please contact us using the details provided in our policy.



We supply toll-manufactured products under our registered AKATON® brand, and also distribute products through exclusive marketing agreements. A selection of our main items is given below. This list is not exhaustive and we welcome enquiries particularly for surfactants and related products.


Brand name
HBTAHigh Boiling Tar Acid
-Cresylic Acid
-Cresylic Creosote
AKATON 621Opacifier
AKATON FSC 903PFabric Softener Concentrate
AKATON CMCoconut Monoethanolamide
AKATON CDCoconut Diethanolamide
CLEPOL D14Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
MYKON ATCTetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine (TAED)




Animal Hygiene Products

The AKATON veterinary products are manufactured by Wardel Chemicals in the UK to high quality standards. Economical in use, the AKATON range enables real cost savings to be achieved whilst maintaining healthy poultry and livestock. Our Hatchery Hygiene programme for example provides product combinations to cover all aspects of disease prevention and maintenance. Please contact us for details.


Brand name
AKATON 250Terminal Disinfectant
AKATON ASDAluminium Safe Detergent
AKATON AVVirucidal Disinfectant for Livestock and Farms
AKATON BGFDetergent Disinfectant
AKATON BGMSynergistic Surface Active Residual Virucidal Disinfectant
AKATON DICNon-selective Chlorine Complexed Terminal Disinfectant
AKATON HCDetergent Sanitizer for Hatcheries and Farms
AKATON HSASuperior Phenolic Disinfectant
AKATON I48Terminal Disinfectant for Buildings and Equipment
AKATON I24Terminal Disinfectant approved for Foot & Mouth Disease
AKATON IC20Iodophor Concentrate
AKATON OOCEffective Coccidiostat
A Highly Active Virucidal Disinfectant Powder
Based upon Potentiated Peroxy Compound
AKATON SECHigh Foaming Detergent Disinfectant Cleaner
AKATON SPReduced water use Disinfectant / Cleaner



Additional Products


Brand name
AKATON ASFoaming detergent for pre-disinfection cleaning
AKATON BGBTerminal Disinfectant for Buildings and Equipment
AKATON FGBFogging Solution
AKATON OM60Acaricide / insecticide for use in poultry houses
AKATON PPParaformaldehyde prills
AKATON PSDPhenolics based sheep dip
AKATON WDWhite disinfectant fluid




Institutional / Domestic Disinfectants

The Disinfectant Range consists of products based on traditional biocides. Many of the products are in specially developed concentrate form enabling customers to add value during the repackaging process. Full technical support is available.


Brand name
AKATON 15B15Hospital Grade Antiseptic Concentrate
AKATON 15C15Hospital Grade Antiseptic Concentrate
AKATON 30B30Hospital Grade Antiseptic Concentrate
AKATON 30C30Hospital Grade Antiseptic Concentrate
AKATON BD7Black Disinfectant Concentrate 1 + 7
AKATON BR20Clear Black Coal Tar Disinfectant
AKATON CH4SBactericidal Skin Cleanser
AKATON CH20Chlorhexidine Digluconate 20% Solution BP/PH.EUR
AKATON CX9KAntiseptic Disinfectant Concentrate 1 + 9
AKATON PG14Pine Concentrate 1 + 14 Green
AKATON PP14Pine Concentrate 1 + 14 Amber
AKATON PX4Powerful High Quality PCMX Based Antiseptic Concentrate
LYSOL BPCresol & Soap Solution BP
Black disinfectant fluid
CRESOLINE 12/15Black disinfectant concentrate




Wood Preservatives

We offer two types of Wood Preservative for export:


CREOSEAL, a modern alternative to traditional creosote, and TERMINOL, a synthetic based product for protection against termites and other wood-boring insects.

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